Hey there trade folk,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the calm of the January months, and enjoying one of the many hashtag-able consumer trends this month has to offer.

As you probably know, we’re no strangers to promoting veganism. Through the sublime power of shrewd wine supply, we’ve been helping establishments across the UK to not simply adapt to the growing vegan demand, but to take advantage of it, with a superior knowledge on the subject over your competitors, not to mention some of the best vegan wines around!

However, this year we want to ask you a new question. You might have your vegan wines sorted for the foreseeable future –at least we hope so given the amount we bang on about it…

…but how are your beer fridges looking? 

As you may have read late last year, we partnered with the very stylish and superbly talented Ghost Brewery Company.

What you may not have read is that – Yep, you guessed it – As well as perfecting a wide array of beer styles, from the traditional to the otherworldly, Ghost have concocted their beers via entirely vegan-friendly methods!

So whether you’re looking to vegan-ise your drinks menu, or simply looking to spruce things up for the coming year, take a gander at winerascals.com for all your wine AND beer needs.

We’re always a phone call away to give advice on which of our wonderful beverages will work best for YOUR business. By offering to take care of your beer as well as your wine, we look forward to giving you your most harmonious drinks menu yet, while saving you a few bob on delivery too!

If you want to know more about vegan wine and beer, or if you’re sick to death of hearing about it, you can either let us know, or browse our brochure for all our wines, vegan and otherwise, here.