noun: rascal; plural noun: rascals
a mischievous or cheeky person, typically used in an affectionate way.


We’re the Wine Rascals.

As you may have deduced from our not-so-subtle branding, we’re about supporting families, not factories. Over the past few years our Motley crew of rascals have scoured all corners of the map for a selection of wines that, with 20 years of experience under the Champagne Warehouse banner, we know is exceptional.

Don’t let those 20 years of experience fool you though; we’ve still not lost our youthful spirit in the wine game, and we’re as flexible as ever! Forthat reason, we make it our mission to keep up with the ever-changing tastes and values of the modern market, and to make sure that we alwayshave something for both them… and you!

The Rascal Charter simply states that we source these wines to be enjoyed by all, to exhilarate, not intimidate the sippers of the UK.

This means that (brace yourself for the buzzwords!) we proudly represent numerous organic and sustainably-minded vineyards within our extended family, who, in turn, offer vegan, low Sulphur and low sugar wines.

For a breakdown of each of these initiatives, or ‘Rascalisms’, and why theymatter to us as well as the consumer, simply go to our wine and read all about it.