noun: rascal; plural noun: rascals
a mischievous or cheeky person, typically used in an affectionate way.

The Rascal Revolution

We’re in the business of helping you attract and keep customers. To do that, we buy exclusive wines from family vineyards, with twenty years of industry know how (the CW Group) and we believe a hint of ‘rascal’ sells.

A bit like the difficult second album, we have put the much-used industry buzz words into the second paragraph – however, we really do live and breathe them:  the ‘p’ words: provenance and passion. Won’t mention them again; promise.

Like our wines, each of the Wine Rascals – in our independent, family run team – bring together a complementary set of skills, to offer you a fully integrated, customer centred wine service. We care about where our wine comes from which shows in our extensive range including organic, biodynamic and vegan wines. Across our globally sourced portfolio, we stand by our excellent house range, through to wines with a bit more ‘rascal’ about them!

So there you have it, we are the ‘The Wine Rascals’ – daring you to unleash your inner rascal and join in the rascal revolution.