We’re sure you’ve heard by now, the vegan surge is taking the trade by storm. Up 500% since 2016, there are now an estimated 3.5 million adults in the UK* opting for a fully plant-based diet. Consequently, we’ve had a real boom in bars and restaurants, old and new, bringing out exciting, vegan-friendly alternative menus.

Great news! This is something we’ve been behind since the birth of the Rascals a little over a year ago. That’s why we’ve been searching far and wide for vegan-friendly wines, across 20 different countries and counting. We want to make sure that alongside these delicious vegan dishes, you’ve got some delicious vegan wines too, otherwise many may look elsewhere!

Some particularly enlightening information came last week from Propel Hospitality:

“Statistics taken from more than 400,000 consumer reviews of restaurants, quick service restaurants and pubs in January and May revealed a 5% rise in negative reviews between the two months. Reviews mostly criticised a lack of vegan options.”

It’s true that most of us are still unaware that the majority of wine is not vegan, but this won’t last long. What’s more, imagine if you could not only be the one to educate your customers about this, but to go a step further to offer them the alternative – they’d be yours forever.

So watch and share our video, spread the word, and let us know if there’s anything we can offer you.

Show it to your punters, show it your sommeliers, your bar staff, your waiters and your dog. Let everyone know that vegan wine is here, and The Wine Rascals are gonna bring it to ya.


Music: Bensound.com // FX: zapsplat.com