At Wine Rascal HQ we can be guilty of a bit of megalomania every now and then, an occasional over dose of self-love, blowing smoke up our own behind through the medium of blogs.

So it would be easy, through our waffling on about our hollywood-esque provences, our low-intervention Greek marvels and our multi-award winning producers, to think that we are some specialist purveyor of only the ultra-premium and super-niche.

However that couldn’t be further from the truth! Having come from humble beginnings, we rascals haven’t forgotten our roots (or vines). Not only do we support small family growers, but we also do everything we can to support smaller or growing businesses; in March we decided to freeze our pricing to compensate for the lack of tax repeal on the struggling industry.

And among those frozen prices, you might be surprised at quite the range of superb wines we offer at around the £5 mark.

Here’s a quick run-down of just 3 of those affordable beauties.


First up is a fresh and zippy little white from Bordeaux at a cheeky £5.26. Our Beau Ceran Blanc is blended primarily from Sauvignon and Sémillon grapes for a delicate balance of fresh fruit and juicy acidity. Perfect with a spicy Thai or fishy dish.


Next is a Portuguese rosé coming in at £5.05, playfully named Capoeira after the Brazilian dance/combat hybrid, this is a Touriga Nacional/Syrah blend that offers a more delicate, dry style of rosé with a lot of natural red fruit notes. Perfect for the rosé and salad season.


Finally, our Stone Road Merlot from the ever-reliable soils of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Made with slowly-ripened grapes, this is a bold red with sturdy tannins and deep red fruit. Ideal with a nice cut of beef, and only £5.96.


But that is far from all of them. For the same price and lower, we’ve got beauties from Vinho Verde, Argentina, Langedoc, California… you name it. If you’re after a no-brainer, give us a shout and we’ll find something for you.

At Wine Rascal HQ we pride ourselves on our customer service and our flexibility in terms of pricing and delivery, making us a sure bet on any wine list. We know what your customers are happy to spend, and we want to be there to make sure that money goes as far as it can.

Oops, there we go again…