Our newest Rascal has arrived just in time for the Summer and they’ve got us in an absolute frenzy; polishing our china, ironing our curtains and alphabetising our cereal.

Detail and delicacy are everything to the Combard family at Domaine St. Andre Figuière, and that’s what makes their rosé the best. The crème de la crème. The elegant of the elegant Provence region.

The understated colour of their wines; the distinctively Provence salmon pink is accentuated in specially designed, extra-clear glass bottles, the unique shape of which demanding a front page spread on Vogue magazine.

Their process, using limited and strictly Provençal grape varieties, with little interference other than the work of their unique climate and clay-infused soil makes for a sublime minerality and true natural expression that is “without makeup”, in their own words.

Finally, of course, the wine itself. Living up to its luxurious packaging, breezing through the challenges of such a delicate wine style that exposes any imperfection, their rosés are perfection. So balanced, you could put a bottle on one end of a see-saw and it wouldn’t touch the ground. Trust us – the rosés we tried the day we found Figuière were in the double figures, and there was no comparison.

So you can see why we’re so nervous!

And of course, these guys wouldn’t be in our gang without some kind of Rascalism to their name. Not just an adorable family made of a brother and two sisters, but these guys are strictly Organic too.

–Elegant and ethical. A bit like if Emma Watson was a wine.

Rosé season is certainly upon us, but now at a time when mid-level pricing is squeezed, waistlines are being watched and quality is triumphing over quantity like never before, the luxuriousness of these wines are nothing to be afraid of. They could turn a pub garden in Cumbria into a rooftop party in Monaco, and they’ll make your punters feel like a million euros.

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