Today we are absolutely elated to mark one of the most exciting milestones in Wine Rascal lore.

After many years of friendship and discussion, we are now officially partnering with  ‘Ghost’ Brew Co: A craft beer brand we have long admired – that will really give you the shivers.

The Wine Rascals are delighted to announce its partnership with Ghost Brewery. The family owned craft brewery “fits perfectly with our ethos and product selection criteria” said The Wine Rascals owner Tony Stones.

Their experimentations in the dark arts of craft beer occultism has led to the resurrection of 5 supernatural entities, each as devilishly tasty as the last. For tasting notes on their Reaper, Phantom, Vamp, Hades and Grendel,

read our Ghost product info here.

We can’t wait to bring a few of these marvels along to tastings with our trade partners across the UK over the next few weeks, while also taking our first baby-steps into the wonderful world of craft beer. 

Owner and Head Brewer of Ghost, Steve Crump said “I am delighted to partner which such a forward looking company and they are perfect not only to push forward our current beer range, but also to lead us in new directions, which as a brewer, is incredibly exciting”. The range of Ghost beers will be available alongside the existing Wine Rascals wines.

For a long time, the styles of wine that we often like to shout about – the low-intervention, the biodynamic, the natural and so on – have often been compared to the craft beer equivalent in the wine world. So you might say that our union with this lot was somewhat foreshadowed; the writing on the wall….

For more information on Ghost, or for your chance to taste – in time for the opportune Halloween celebrations…

Give us a shout now.