We know, we know.

We know exactly what you were thinking when you saw that picture and clicked that link. ‘What in the name of Sauvignon is that Christmas Tree doing on my feed at this time of year?’. ‘What fresh hell are these Rascals conjuring up now?’

But then, like us, we imagine your anger began to dissipate as you slowly realised that you are an associate to the hospitality trade, and as much as it pains you, you will be starting to think about the festive season around now. This is the life we chose, dear friends.

If it’s any consolation, this isn’t just some generic Christmas blog. This year, we thought we’d offer something different. An alternative approach, to combat all the climate-costly energy use, and sulphur-induced hangovers that exist behind the scenes during that magical time.

That’s right – how about making this Christmas an ALL NATURAL one?

Here’s four of our finest to whet your appetite.

We’ll start, of course, with an all-natural aperitif. The delicious Pet Nat Sipon from Matic Wines of Slovenia. A wonderfully light fizz that has enjoyed 48 hours of skin contact and, of course, wild yeast fermentation. This will be our first Christmas with 2019 newcomers Matic, so cheers to many more.


With that last point in mind, we thought we’d chuck in another from these guys. On to your white now, and it’s the ‘Love Story in Three Acts Sauvignon Blanc’. A much fruitier number with juicy hits of Elderberry and Gooseberry, as well as more exotic fruit layers on top. A perfect wine to crack before your 1000th viewing of Love Actually.


Across Europe to Greece now for a seasoned veteran of the Rascal cellars. The much celebrated Kamara Estate offer up a natural still Rosé – but not one that you might expect. (We did say this was an alternative Christmas!)

Just as cheese is matched with fruit at the festive period, this wine offers strawberry and blackberry with a savoury accompaniment of sun dried tomatoes and black olives. Unusual, but trust us when we say it’s a stunner.


Finally a winter warmer. A rich red that won’t leave you quite as hazy the next day. Although completely natural, this wine is exactly what one would hope and expect from a Rhone red. Deep and delicious with a generous amount of smooth tannin. The bottle is stored upside down, so that the residue is stored in the cap once opening, and therefore not present in the wine. Perfect for a Natural Novice. Indie’s note: due to its presentation in a box, it will make a great gift wrapped up too.



Even if you just manage one Natural wine on your list this year, be sure that it’s one of these.

Give us a shout to make your order now.

Or as always, you can browse our brochure for all of our natural, organic and sustainable wines.