We had fun a few weeks back celebrating International White Wine Day, so imagine our giggling excitement to find that Pinot Noir day is now just round the corner too.

Of course, this wonderful grape needs no introduction. A safe bet among imbibing beginners and veterans, young and old, hot and cold (climate, that is.)

Unlike White Wine Day, we can choose to celebrate this magical grape’s big day with wines across the spectrum. So here’s a couple of fizzes, and of course a red that owe everything to Pinot Noir.


We’ll (expectedly) start off with something you might not expect – a delicious cava made entirely out of Pinot Noir. One of our best sellers at Wine Rascal HQ. You can read more about the wine and the amazing 1+1=3 winery behind it here.


Next is a pink fizz from Germany. Winterling’s Pinot Rosé Brut Cremant Pfalz is another 100 percenter that won a medal at his year’s SWA awards. You can read more about that, and the other 6 award-winners, here.



Finally, a red. Naturally Fermented and heavily sun-kissed in New Zealand, for the purest and most powerful expression of this week’s honourary grape. Check out the Gardo & Morris Marlborough Pinot Noir.

That should be everything you need to get you through.