Yes, yes. We’ve all heard about Liverpool’s big comeback last night, but there’s bigger news than this, dear friends – so strap yourselves in.

The for now lesser known team Wine Rascals went all the way to winning not one, but SEVEN medals at this year’s Sommelier Wine Awards.

So without further ado, here is our list of winning wines, from Commended, all the way to Gold.

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First up is a recent signing from a biodynamic vineyard in New South Wales: The Pig in the House Shiraz.

Next, from the same vineyard, but with its own additional quirks, is the preservative-free Shiraz from Pig in the House.

Now for a sweet wine, this stunning Szamorodni from the Gizella Pince winery in glorious Tokaj. That’s not all from these overachievers though!

On to sparklings, one of our most longstanding and treasured vineyards receives its dues once again; a commended for Forget Chemin’s Carte Blanche.

Over to Germany, the last of our Commended medals is for the Pinot Rosé Brut from Winterling.

On to Bronze, but remaining in Germany, another from the ever-reliable

Winterling; their ever-electrifying Riesling Brut. 

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And finally, the big kahuna. After consistently swooping awards with us over the past few years, it’s a well-earned gold for Gizella’s Sublimely elegant Harslevelu/Furmint blend.

If you’ve been keeping your head in the sand, fear not, you can read more about the amazing Gizella winery here.

If you can make it, you can try their range at tomorrow’s Wines of Hungary event at 67 Pall Mall –we’ll be the people standing at table three looking incredibly smug.

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If you can’t make that, a few of the aforementioned wines, as well as some other stunners listed in our previous blogs, will be at our stand for London Wine Fair.

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