Hot on the tail of our boho biodynamic wines from last week, tearing up the M1 in a VW campervan are their brothers from other mothers, their sisters from other misters, these natural wines from Greece.

Much like their friends from Australia, the Kamara range are also the product of holistic biodynamic farming; made in a self-sustaining ecosystem, from grapes grown naturally and untampered by any preservatives or repellant and fermented using naturally occurring wild yeasts.

Unlike the Pig in the House range however, these wines are also unfiltered, which gives them the particularly trendy title of ‘Natural’ – the new and unchartered territory of the wine sector, likened to ‘acid house’ by The Guardian, which has been re-engaging younger buyers for a few years now.

The lack of filtering also means, as you will of course know having seen our vegan wine video, that there is no danger of any animal products being used to make the wine, making them vegan, as well as sustainable, organic, biodynamic AND natural – phew. That’s almost every rascalism in one bottle!

…and did we mention they also taste delicious?!

First up is the stunning Pet Nat. This wine has yet to fail in proving the potential of natural wine to all of those who previously doubted it. An exciting blend of familiar but lively citrus notes, with a snap of cool watermelon and fresh strawberries.



Next up is the dry white. More traditional notes cleanse the palate with this wine, but it is still not without its intrigue. Citrus, green apple and lime, with bergamot and jasmine. Very refreshing.




We’ve waffled on quite a bit there, and we didn’t even get to tell you about the amazing Kamara family. Worry not though, if you’d like to subject yourself to a severe case of life envy, you can read our interview with Dimitrios here.

Don’t miss your chance to taste these wines in May.

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