We know it’s hard to think about Christmas so early in the year, so we thought we’d offer you lot something special to get you in the mood. It may be too early for the adverts, but it’s never too early for presents, and oh boy, do we have some early Christmas pressies for you.

As we know, the world of wine is a tough one. Business can change like the weather. Both those things, as well as countless other factors can mean that some of your most beloved wines are never made to the same standard again.

So that’s what we want to offer you. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be dishing out selections from the very last of our most legendary wines. The wines that built our success as a company, and enhanced our lives along the way. It’s hard for us to depart with these relics, but Christmas is a time of giving, and you rascals have been so good this year.

So, before we change our minds, here are the first four wines that will be flying out.

First is a delicious Sancerre. The full body and tropical flavour of which has become more and more outstanding with age. If that wasn’t enough, this wine is also vegan and sustainably-farmed. A no brainer at £8.90 ex VAT*.

Next up is a Chilean Merlot Reserva that is perfect for the holiday season. Its deep cherry notes and spicy touches will be ideal for cheeses and meaty meals. Or, if that’s not your thing, this wine is also vegan and sustainably-farmed. At £5.30 ex VAT*, it’s sure to make anyone happy.

Third is a soft, crowd-pleasing red from Romania. The ‘Nomad’ Pinot Noir has always been one of our best value wines, so now at an eye-watering £4.50 ex VAT* — it’s getting to the point of outright robbery.

Finally a bubbly. Who doesn’t love a rich, biscuity Champagne at Christmas time? It doesn’t get much better than a well-aged Blanc De Noir from Janisson et Fils. An absolute stunner for £23 ex VAT*.

Once these babies are gone, they’re gone forever. 

So you better give us a shout before you miss your chance for good.

Keep your eye out in the coming weeks as we reveal more…

*Minimum order of 36 bottles.