Happy February Rascal family,

Our warmest congrats on staying dry for a month, overcoming the old ‘Jan Blues’, going meat-free, or even just for steamrolling through the month without yielding to any self-reformation trends whatsoever.

Being staunch reformists ourselves however, we endorsed #veganuary last week, in yet another of our campaigns to promote delicious vegan wine

This time was a bit different though, as we were also shouting about our new vegan craft beer range too. So if you slept on our last blog, you better take a look!

This week, we want to talk about sustainability. A subject which is perhaps the most significant motivation behind veganism.

Due to its relationship with the environment, wine is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable industries to climate change. For evidence of this, you need look no further than our recent harvest reports.

“It is undeniable that drought phenomena are recurrent today and that climate change is a reality. We must rethink our working methods in order to protect the grapes from the sun’s rays and avoid any cultivation practices that could amplify the effects of heat. The 2019 harvest is the smallest in the last five years.”

– Seigneurie De Peyrat

It’s true that veganuary is now over, and for many of its participants, this will mean a welcome return to a more conventional-albeit-restrained diet. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other, less severe ways to help our struggling climate. Just take this year’s BAFTAS: As well as an extensive vegan menu for its guests, the awards night also advocated responsible travel, fashion and waste-management.

Similarly, there are a multitude of ways in which vineyards can be more sustainable, earning them one of our esteemed ‘sustainable’ rascal badge. For a list of all our sustainable wines, take a look here. Or, for more information on what makes them so, see our video below.

Self-Preservation and morals aside, we know that a move to more sustainable wine choices and their promotion will be a big boon for your business in terms of sales.

…and if nothing else, by letting us take care of your wine AND beer, you can save on the petrol, and the pounds!

If you’d like to discuss sustainable wine in person, then give us a shout

Or browse our brochure for all our wines, sustainable and otherwise, here.