Hello, hello rascal family.

After kicking off the year with some wine-related resolutions via vegan craft beer-buying and sustainable wine, we’re continuing our campaign of good intentions with a feature on the old ‘buy less, spend more’ thesis.

Of course we’re not about to lecture you in the trade on how to buy your wine. You know your business models better than we do, and for the record, our extensive portfolio can deliver the goods at any price point.

This blog is a reminder to encourage your customers to spend more on less, which, as we know, suits everyone better.

‘Oh great! Thanks Rascals – encourage my punters to part ways with more of their dough? I hadn’t thought about that!’

Point taken. But when is the last time you tried to talk some of your regulars through  the more nitty gritty facts?

Duty taxes and ‘paying for the label’ are discussions as old as time for us industry bores… but most people still don’t know about this stuff – and why should they when it can all be so tedious?

In spite of this however, no one likes to feel like they’re not getting the best deal either.

So how do we let them know the true value of the wine, in a way that isn’t going to have them exasperated and reaching for the stronger stuff?

Well, how about a nice, lighthearted infographic from us?

Show it to your punters; share it on your socials, stick it on your blackboards.

See if it makes a difference!

We really do spoil you all, don’t we.

If there’s anything else we can do to help in terms of marketing, please do get in touch.

Or, if you’d like to look into a restructuring of your wine menu offerings and pricing, our sales team are just an email away too, so don’t hesitate!