Guten Tag ihr schönen Rascals!

Nope, we’ve not lost the plot. We’re just getting into the spirit of things for our favourite days of this month…

Of course you know we’re talking about International Riesling day on March 13th!

What a day. What a grape. Where to begin with the delicious, yet criminally underrated Riesling? For once, this mouthy HTML-writer is lost for words and instead thought it would be more fitting to ask Tony Stones, our ‘Palate Rascal’ and owner why, after 25 years as an industry leader in the wine trade, Riesling is still his favourite – and one to watch for the future:

‘Versatility really is the word for me when I’m asked about Riesling. The variety of flavours the grape can offer is really astounding when grown across breezy North America, sweltering Australia, or in its home of Central Europe – that’s why I wanted to get at least one from each of those places in our cellars! Although dry, our Rieslings are sure to please fans of sweet wine too. That’s versatility you can’t turn down, and it’s why I’ve got my money on Riesling to be the next big thing!’

So there you have it. Versatility you cannot turn down.

All you have to do now is pick one (or three) you want in your fridges for when the big day comes.

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So will it be this Riesling Brut from Winterling, Germany. A classic expression of the grape from the country that know it best – with an added pop, of course.

Or will it be one from Mr Patritti of McClaren Vale? A little more modest in price, but taking absolutely no prisoners with its fruity flavour. A more-than-worthy contender for the staple Aussie Sav B.

Over now to the Speck brothers at Henry of Pelham offering both their own signature complexity and refinement to the grape. One of their many gems from the Niagara Peninsula of Canada.

Finally, from the other side of the continent, a real rascal-y treat. This Underwood Mountain Riesling from Washington State is wonderfully crisp, saline and unique – vegan too!

Choose your weapon!

..and then let our sales team know!

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