To all of our friends in the trade industry,

Of course nobody in the world wanted to be where we are now, and for our specific sector it comes at an already trying time.

It goes without saying that those of you at the retail side of our industry will be among the most vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19. However companies such as The Wine Rascals would not exist without the venues to whom they supply. We are in this together, and we must now begin the discussion on how we can reduce the impact on our respective partners, customers, and wider communities.

In line with recent announcements, we are working closely with some of our local customers, who are now offering takeaway services for both food and for drinks. This change will not only help independent businesses to pull through financially, but also provide their communities a welcome alternative to the current chaos of supermarkets, not to mention a crucial means of increased social distancing.

At The Wine Rascals, we pride ourselves on a tailored service. We will be making concessions wherever possible; reducing things like minimum orders and offering specific wine choices to cater for specific needs.

For the sake of both our collective health and industry, we would encourage members of the public across the country to follow the high street conversion wherever possible, and we would urge you to advise your customers similarly.

Working together, we are sure to pull through this.

All our care and support,

The Wine Rascal Team