That’s right noble following, it’s finally time. The moment you’ve all no doubt been waiting for; the climax of our sustainable wine campaign, and the unveiling of our newest Rascal video – just in time for the 2019 Oscar nominations.

After exploring sustainable wine production through conversations with our friends in  South AfricaThe United StatesChampagne, CataloniaAustralia and the UK trade, we’re all set to help your wine list pop this coming year.

In case you’re not yet familiar with us, we like to make it our business to keep wine interesting, exciting and relevant to all factions of the ever-evolving public.

Last year we released our first video to support venues when considering vegan wine in response to huge growth in demand for vegan food alternatives across the UK trade. A recent Waitrose report found that 33.5% of the population are at least cutting down, if not cutting out meat entirely from their diet.

As you may have read in last month’s Harper’s magazine, we contributed our thoughts to an article on vegan wine and the more general vegan boom. We believe that a significant proportion of the demand for these animal-free products is the result of a deep concern for the environment.

The alcohol industry has already begun to adapt, with numerous lager brands now opting for less plastic-heavy packaging on their cans.

The world of wine is not exempt from these environmental responsibilities. With its extensive transit, land requirement and water usage, the wine industry has a huge carbon footprint.

Not only this, but our industry is also most vulnerable to the ramifications. Our harvest reports from winemakers a few months back really brought to light how vineyards are among the first to feel the effects of this damage. Quite the definition of irony, wouldn’t you say?

That’s why we have always championed the organic, biodynamic, and natural wines in our brochure, but we wanted to help those who prioritise climate change in our lists too.

We want to acknowledge that our beloved industry is sadly a somewhat decadent one, and more must be done to reduce its impact on the environment. By celebrating partners on both ends of our supply chain who are making the change, and promoting the availability of a sustainable alternative, we hope to make wine more relevant to an increasingly climate-conscious generation of consumers.


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And give us a shout if there’s something we can help you with.

Video and writing by Al Robertson

Music by Johnny Phethean