Happy Monday Rascals,

In case you missed any of our Harvest updates throughout last week (perhaps you’re still not following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn… !) we’ve prepared a nice little compilation for your education/procrastination.

Although the majority of our dedicated winemakers in the northern hemisphere were still hard at work for this years harvest, we were quite pleased with the information we received from our international pals.

Overall, it looks like 2018 will truly be an outstanding vintage, especially from our very own winemakers here in old Blighty, so if you’re someone who likes to bellow “Aha!” when a wine is “A very good year!” in a gruff English accent (who isn’t), then you better keep that in mind.

Another, less convenient thing to bare in mind is the pattern we’re seeing across these reports of unusual and extreme weather conditions, due, as our winemakers themselves note, to climate change.

Unlike many other industries in the world, ours doesn’t just contribute to climate change but is immediately vulnerable to it too. This has lead us to an exciting new strategy that we can’t wait to share with you all, so keep your eyes peeled.

Want to know any more about our winemakers, their plans or ours? Just give us a shout and we’ll do all we can.