Since launching our sustainable wine campaign we’ve been going mad trying to decide where, amongst our vast network of wonderful vineyards, to begin.

Thankfully the decision was made for us when our friends at Aaldering in South Africa won a gold medal for their Sauvignon Blanc last month. Keep in mind that’s not the first gold medal for this wine, let alone the winery.

Anyone who has had us round for a tasting (and if you haven’t by the way, all you have to do is ask!) or met us at an event will know that we’ve always got a trusty Aaldering locked and loaded in our holster. A firm favourite among our customers and in our office, their wines are consistently stunning.

What makes them even better? You guessed it – their commitment to sustainable practice.

The majority of South African wine is made in the Cape Floral Kingdom; the most unique, biodiverse and beautiful of the six floral kingdoms around the world. The majority of South African wineries therefore cooperate in ethical practice under the guidelines of the WoSA Integrity & Sustainability certification that you see on most bottles.

The certification not only guarantees a restriction on the introduction of alien plants that are often detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem, but that additional efforts are made to restore any previous damage to the rivers and wetlands nearby. Sound familiar?

The overachievers at Aaldering don’t stop there though.

They are also one of only 11 certified wineries in the EnviroWines group, which guarantees an even higher level of environmental care, but also ongoing and intensive analysis to keep innovating and improving their industry together for this same single goal.

Still not enough for you? Well these guys aren’t just champions of environmental initiatives, but social ones too, avidly supporting ‘Streetsmart’, a non-profit organisation that provides housing, education and other basic needs to children in South Africa who are most at risk.

So there you go, a guide to South African sustainability and the rascals leading the charge. If you’ve not had the pleasure of perusing their wine before, go ahead and browse our portfolio to see their extensive selection, at a very inclusive range of prices.