You’ve surely clocked by now that we’re a little bit keen on sustainably-made wines, given our comprehensive campaign on the subject recently, incorporating South Africa, Champagne and the United States, thus far.

We wanted to let you know that it isn’t just us making the case for eco-wine though. So just in case you’re still shaking your head and calling us a bunch of no-good-dirty-rotten-beatniks, we thought we’d get some testimony by some reputable chums of ours in the trade and media alike, to give you an idea of how important sustainability is going to be for YOUR BUSINESS.

“The environment is a big worry for the world at the moment, anything we can do to encourage others is in itself a plus.

We believe that people are growing more and more conscious about their health and the environment. They also, therefore, take a large interest in the products they use, where they are coming from, and how they are made.

Since January 2018, we have seen a 900% increase in sales for sustainably produced wine.”

-James Nathan, Pull The Cork.


Queens Park Wines is on a mission to covert UK drinkers to organic biodynamic and natural/raw wines. Harmful chemicals used in wine production are causing so much damage not only to the environment also but to the consumers. Carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins are among the many chemicals used and they end up in the wine as well as the environment. When somebody converts permanently to naturally produced wine they experience a transformation in their wellbeing, especially regular drinkers.

Drinking naturally and sustainably produced wines supports small, independent producers and improves your health and the health of the environment.”

-Ian Simpson, Queens Park Wines.


“Sustainability will be one of the top food and drink trends in 2019, according to a new study by Mintel. The company said a rise in operators’ sustainability efforts would not only include improvements to recycling but a move to offer upcycled goods and incentivise consumers to recycle packaging. Mintel associate director of food and drink Jenny Zegler said: “Demand for more corporate sustainability programmes will grow as consumers better understand what is required to get closer to achieving a truly circular food and drink economy. These sustainability efforts will include not only improving access to recycling but creating products with ingredients that are grown in accordance to regenerative agriculture practices.”

-Propel Magazine


So there you go. A selection of testimonies for sustainable wine. Short and concise, to make a change.

Normal service of waffle will be resumed next week.

Till then, Namaste.


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