After kicking off in Australia, we are now closer to home. This week we will be talking about our European wines, starting in Hungary and ending the week in Spain.

Bottle shot of FurmintGizella Pince Tokaj (1,902 miles from SITT)

Gizella winery have parcels in 8 single vineyards such as Deák, Barát, Szil-völgy, Bige, Kastély, Medve, Szent Tamás and Bomboly. The wine we will be showcasing is certainly from a small parcel! Only 6,588 bottles of the Furmint were produced. Laszlo Szilagyl (wine maker) is singular in his focus for perfection.

Hirtl (881 miles from SITT)

The Hills are Alive, with the Sound of Hirtl!

Next, we’re at an Austrian vineyard in the wine capital of Poysdorf. It’s run by Andrea and Martin Hirtl and their commitment and enthusiasm on setting new quality standards – aimed at providing optimal conditions for the grapes and vines.

At SITT, we will be showcasing their Weisburgunder Selection – a multi award-winning wine. The airy loess soil (south facing) produces a very intense and elegant Pinot Blanc.

1+1=3 (855 miles to SITT)

1+1=3 vineyardWe finish in Spain at the 1+1=3 winery. The founders of this winery are brothers in law, who when together are stronger than the sum of their parts. Not only this, the name 1+1=3 is about driving the company to be something more than just 2, by making the client be an active part of it.

As for the cava we will be taking to SITT, it ticks all the boxes: organic, vegan, brut nature and award winning, as well as a stand-out bottle presentation.

Next week we will be travelling around France, finding some great Champagnes and stills.