Château de Gaure (782 miles from SITT)Pierre Fabre - owner

With only 782 miles from SITT, we’re now in our final country before we hit the UK. Starting in Languedoc for the French wines, we popped by Château de Gaure to visit winemaker Pierre Fabre. dragging him away from his canvas for a quick snap.

This winemaker not only has an eye for wine, but also for art. Pierre Fabre selects a colour for each vintage and paints his own labels. For the 2015 vintage which we are taking to SITT, he uses blue and gold.

This wine is organic, high altitude, aesthetically pleasing AND delicious!

Delmas at harvestDelmas (749 miles from SITT)

We’ve made a little picnic stop in Limoux, 749 miles away from SITT. Here, we picked up a delightfully light Cuvée from Domaine Delmas this low alcohol, gold award winning fizz is perfect for a light afternoon drink!


Table shot at Seigneurie de Peyrate
Seigneurie de Peyrat (738 miles from SITT)

With 737.97 miles from home, it looks like we Rascals will be missing Valentine’s this week. Thankfully this Seigneurie de Peyrat Rosé we’ve picked up from Pézenas, with its frosted glass bottle and cork, is the foxiest company we’ve ever had!