Viniterra (7,187.08 miles)

Not only 7000 miles away, but also a dizzying 3,346.457 up a mountain, sits Viniterra. We proudly represented this vineyard at the recent IWSC awards, where they won multiple trophies, including a gold for their single vineyard Malbec. It goes without saying then that this is a winery with a huge selection of quality wines for every price point.



Aaldering (6,165.43 miles)

Another leap back over the South Atlantic brings us to the Aaldering winery. Luckily these guys are certified for sustainability, to make up for all of our air miles en route to SITT! Perhaps a worthy selling point for those of you with a more environmentally conscientious clientele.


Scotto Cellars (5,180.32 miles)

Tearing up over the hemisphere we landed at Scotto Cellars in California to pick up a bottle of their 11th Hour Zinfandel, so named as to emphasise the maximum time given o their grapes to grow and mature. Starting in Italy, 1883, The Scotto family have 5 generations of winemaking experience under their belt.