The have travelled far and wide (10,178.46 miles to be exact) to bring some amazing wines to SITT for our #SITTRascalTakeover. From our furthest point, we’re proud to introduce two Australian vineyards – Patritti and Churchview.

Patritti (10,178.46 miles):

Originally from Italy, Giovanni Patritti decided to board a ship in 1926 at the port of Genoa for a brighter future. His intentions were to travel to America to meet his sister. Instead he landed at Port Adelaide. He arrived with nothing, although he did have a great palate – one of his first jobs was making ice-cream.

Grape harvestingDuring his first year, Patritti discovered a love for wine, and began leasing a vineyard in the Brighton District along the South Coast. Now, this five-star estate (awarded by James Halliday) has been passed down three generations and is managed by Giovanni’s grandson – James Mungall and best friend and winemaker Ben Heide.

We have selected two wines from Patritti. First, the BSE Sparkling Shiraz. How many sparkling reds will you be tasting at SITT? This wine is certainly different, it can be served cold or at room temperature. Why not try both options and see which you prefer? Second, the GSM Merchant has been curated specifically for Millennials – an age group accounting for a third of the total spend on wine in the UK.

Churchview (9157.92 miles):

We’ve selected another five-star winery awarded by James Halliday, which is situated by the Margaret River. This boutique wine region produces around three percent of Australia’s wine grapes, yet accounts for over 20 percent of Australia’s finest wines.

As for the wine itself, we will be showcasing their Saint John Wild Ferment Riesling. This is a very fresh wine which you can drink within 1-2 years of release, or cellar it for 5 to 30 years; reflecting the aging ability of the Riesling grape.

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