Hello Rascals. It’s been a hot minute, have you missed us?

The ‘Rascalism’ breakdown page featured in our Brochure

Before the Hurricane season of London Wine Fair, which has left us exhausted, busy, and thus quiet, you may well remember some exquisite content based on our ‘Rascalisms’.

Now just one more time, in case we haven’t quite drummed it into you all yet, our Rascalisms are the points of differences in our wines. Organic, Vegan, Sulphur-Free… these are just a few of the Rascalisms that we attribute to our wines.

However, it’s all well and good us saying we sell this and that, but there was no way for you to see them for yourself. That’s why we got our heads together in the Rascal lab, and after months of pain, studying the dark arts of Microsoft Publisher, we finally have a brand new brochure for you all.

Through the ingenious use of *colour coding* and *symbols* we have now perfected the ground breaking technology through which you can peruse our wines. We promise you, the new format isn’t just practical, but beautiful too.

That’s not all that’s changed. We’ve gotten over our very evident modesty and managed to write a few choice words on ourselves and our goals. We’ve done the same thing with our vineyards too. We think there was a little too much soil and not enough silliness in the old days.

So please

Take a look for yourself

And what’s this? Natural Wine? New vineyards? Greece? Canada?

That’s right guys. The new brochure isn’t all that we’ve been working on. Look out next week for some really exciting news on the new members of our Rascal Family…