Just as one might celebrate the birth of a child or the marriage of a relative, we celebrate just as jubilantly at Wine Rascal HQ when we welcome a new addition into our extended family.

With our newest rascal, all the way in Canada, we’ve not just added one sibling to the fam, but three! Matt, Paul and Daniel Speck are the three brothers who run the vineyard in Niagara Peninsula, which has been maintained and passed down over 6 generations.

Their name came from their great-great-great grandpa’s son, Henry, who nicknamed himself Henry of Pelham after one of our very own Prime Ministers here in the UK. He clearly enjoyed this moniker, as he then gave the tavern and inn that he built there the same name!

Aside from their classic range, another playfully named line by the brothers is their ‘Sibling Rivalry’ wine. We wondered if there was an element of truth to the name, so we asked Vice President Dan Speck how the lads get on across the pond.

“Sibling Rivalry came at a time when our estate winery, Henry of Pelham, was feeling as if it had hit its volume and price cap. We looked at ourselves closely and asked ‘What next? If HoP celebrates our ancestor, Henry, if it makes mostly varietal wines that are very terroir driven and in a classic style, what would be the opposite?’ Sibling Rivalry was the answer:

-It tells the story of us three brothers who launched HoP

-There are only 3 wines (red/white/rose) each composed of 3 varietals

-They reflect the Niagara region but are not terroir driven in the sense of being single Vineyard or estate

-They have a more international fruit driven style while maintaining natural acidity

The name was inspired by the question we always get — ‘What is it like to work in a family business with your brothers?’ The assumption being ‘not good’. But we actually get along quite well. So it’s really an inside joke for us I guess. However, the rock/paper/scissors motif is real — we have settled many issues that way!”

 –Good to know the boys are playing nice. And that’s not just between themselves. We’re also proud to announce that these guys are leaders in their field for sustainable farming. Certified, ongoing and passionate, they pull out all the stops. You can read more about how they do it here.

We’re still not done blabbing on about this winery. Look out in the next few days for an in-depth look on winemaking in their appellation, and Canada as a whole, as well as an investigation on their mysterious Baco Noir grape…