We’ve begun our run down of the Rascalisms with perhaps the most complicated and divisive one in our arsenal; low-Sulphur.

Low Sulphur wines are fast becoming a phenomenon in the wine trade, with natural wine alone now accounting for 2% of global sales, by the WBI’s estimates.

We currently don’t have natural wines on our list (but watch this space, as they are coming very soon), we are happy to say we do have a selection of low-sulphur and no-added-sulphur wines.

While natural wines have largely been denounced by many as the hipster’s tipple of the week, wines with high levels of sulphur can cause allergic reactions amongst a small percentage of the population. Some studies also suggest that Sulphur is a significant contributor to hangovers. Finally, many reputable correspondents have argued that wines with less sulphur have a purer expression of untainted, unpreserved fruit.

We asked our friends at Cave d’Alignan du Vent Neffies why they decided to add a sulphur-free option to their roster in their ‘Nano’ range;

The Nano range has been created following a desire to create an healthy wine that is Terra Vitis, with no sulphites added.  The Terra Vitis label defines that the vines growth respects the environment and the soils. We only borrow the Earth from our children. No sulphites are added because, with the same thing in mind, we want their customers to drink healthy wines. We all know that sulphites can cause headaches or red patches on the face and neck, by not adding them they protect their customers from allergic reactions or headaches.

In term of flavours the no sulphites wines will be more fruity, this will lead to wines more enjoyable and easy to drink, but also more digest. Sulphites often tends to harden tannins and acidity in the wines.


Both the red and white are also vegan; a more straightforward Rascalism of ours, to be discussed in the coming weeks….