Happy Friday! After a look through the vegan stills we’ll be taking to London Wine Fair, we’re finishing up with a quick semantic sip of two delicious bubblies to celebrate the bank holiday.

First is a perfect start to your Easter dinner or Friday evening session. A light Burgundian Crémant from Domaine de la Croix Saint-Jacques. This lively twist of pears, apple and lemon would kick things off nicely alongside some lightly salted tortilla chips and guacamole (or pea guacamole, if avocados are off the menu too).


And to top it all off, a fittingly perfect bubbly to end the night. This Sparkling Shiraz from Blewitt Springs, Australia is a real explosion of raspberries and blackcurrant fruit pastilles. This beauty can be enjoyed warm or chilled, sweet enough on its own, or accompanied with a your (vegan?) Easter egg, for extra indulgence.

That’s it for our vegan selection! Have a wonderful Easter and look out in the coming weeks as we run through our organic, biodynamic and natural offerings, as well as an all new category that we’re very excited about…

If you’d like to know more about vegan wine, you can watch our (award nominated!) infographic video here.

As always, you can also find out more about these wines, or any others in our brochure, by getting in touch here.