Good day to you fellow oenophile and thanks to those of you who have taken the to lend us your ears during one of the most hectic 3 days of the year.

We’re talking about London Wine Fair of course, where we are stood right this minute, at tables Z105 and Z106, absolutely dying to meet you.

After running through, our organic wines, our biodynamic and naturals, we’re finally at the climax of our 28-wine countdown, with a brand new category of wine created just for LWF.

Today marks the dawn of a new breed of wine, wines with their own unique, supernatural powers, that cannot be pigeonholed into any single technique or buzzword.

So move over Marvel, because this year we’re rolling out our own superteam; the ‘Heroes’ in our portfolio. Mere words will only go so far with these otherworldly wonders, so you’ll have to come for a taste if you want to be enlightened.

Kicking off with the Reds, this hero was born out of the Soviet Union before spreading its wings and saving people’s evening across the world; An alluringly deep red Saperavi.

Next up is our very own ‘Captain USA’ (For copyright infringement reasons). A crowd pleasing zinfandel from California.

Finally for today, something truly otherwordly. An old vine ‘Baco Noir’ from Canada. Last year its younger, lower-tier sibling of the same grape blew the minds of everyone who tried it, so we really can’t wait for you to witness the power of the old vine.

Don’t miss this year’s biggest blockbuster! Try them all today at tables Z105 and Z106!