It’s day two of London Wine Fair. Another, perhaps slightly hazier day to delve into the madness, and another chance to discover our brand new category of HERO wines!

Yesterday, we introduced the first half of our superteam, as three red wines from Georgia, the USA, Canada joined forces to save the world’s collective palate. Today, we’re finishing off with the ‘hero’ whites and the sparklings, that you can come and try right now at tables Z105 and Z106.

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Aperitifs first, and we’re kicking off with a delightfully crisp, traditional method Grüner Veltliner from Schlumberger – these guys used to make bubbly especially for Queen Victoria!

Next up, from the classy bunch at Domaine St. Andre de Figuière of Provence; their sparkling offering, appropriately named ‘Atmosphere’. A classically gentle and elegant blend of Cinsault and Grenache, the juices from which have been chilled right from their initial picking.

Finally, some hearty champers to really wake up the palate. This Triolet Brut is one of our oldest, most reliable veterans, exclusive to the Wine Rascal cellar. Award winning and very modestly priced, it’s not hard to see why we call this one a ‘hero’.

On to stills and we have the second of our ‘heroes’ from the Niagara Peninsula of Canada. The ‘White House’ blend from Henry of Pelham beautifully combines the intriguing fruitiness of Riesling with the ever-reliable, ever cherished Pinot Gris. A perfect introduction to the greater realms of wine, for customers not looking to take a leap of faith – or a hefty price tag!

Finally, we’re concluding this lengthy countdown with one winery that by now, you’ll surely know all about. After swooping an SWA gold medal a few weeks back and blowing minds at other recent events, Gizella are at our stand once again, with their classic Tokaj Furmint. Come and find out why these heroes are quickly becoming the year’s biggest blockbuster.

Try them all now! At tables Z105 and Z106.