Here we go again. After not one, not two, but three fantastic Christmas wine giveaways in the past month. Another one should need no introduction… but here’s one anyway.

“Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be offering you selections from the very last of our most legendary wines. The wines that built our success as a company, and enhanced our lives along the way. It’s hard for us to depart with these jewels, but Christmas is a time of giving, and you rascals have been so good this year.”

Remember, you can take whatever combination of these wine bottles you want, just as long as you’re taking more than 36 bottles!

Now let’s get down to it. First up is a delicious Shiraz/Tempranillo blend from one of our favourite producers, 1+1=3. A rich and complex, yet still very approachable variety of flavours in this one. Organic too! A beauty at £4.99 ex VAT (down from £7.14).

Next is an always crowd pleasing Malbrorough Savvy B. Dry as a bone, but not without its vibrant fruit and juicy acidity. No doubt a premium SB, originally at £11.44, but, as it’s Christmas, yours for a mere £7.99 ex VAT.

A vegan and sustainably-farmed Cab Sav from Chile now. It’s dark fruits and touches of toastiness make it absolutely perfect for the festive season. A steal at £4.99 from £7.27.

A third and final red to see us home. This rather classy looking and sounding Gamme Originelle Rouge

This is a blend of Grenache and Merlot that offers very soft, round and approachable taste for the whole table. Great with a meaty dish too. This one down to £5.49 from £8.04 ex VAT.

We’ve had a great response to these deals so far, so don’t be a scrooge! Get involved in the Christmas giveaway spirit before it’s too late. 

Don’t forget to check out our other dealsour full wine listor, if you had some cheeky deals of your own in mind, you can get in touch with our head salesman, Mark here.