Here we go again Rascals, another set menu of alternative wines that are perfect for Christmas.

After lovingly compiling an all natural list, an all vegan list, and a super value list, we’re left wondering what other needs we can fulfil this year.

Well, we’re all trying to be more sustainable these days, and our customers are too. Did you know that Christmas, with all those meals, presents, card and wrapping, is our most wasteful time of the year? Apparently, the UK use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, and over 83km2 of this will end up in our bins.

Of course we should be allowed to indulge, but there’s no reason we can’t try to even up the scoreboards with some delicious and interesting wines too!

Here we have three of the best in this category, complete with interviews from their respective vineyards, about their sustainable practice.

Read on to watch our video and learn more about what we think makes a wine ‘sustainable’.

First up – who are you calling ‘Old World’? Here is a delicious Champagne from the winemakers leading the charge for sustainable innovation in their legendary region. The Champagne is top quality too – rich yet refreshing, and absolutely perfect for your Christmas meal.

Next is a very classy red from Southern Australia. This 100% Shiraz is bold and warming, with a very festive dusting of cocoa on the palate. If that’s not enough, read this thorough breakdown of Churchview’s tireless efforts to go green, for added enlightenment.

Finally, the signature wines from one of our absolute trophy vineyards. Having flown off the shelves in some of the UK’s fanciest establishments last Christmas, and swooping multiple awards since, this year it can be yours too. Ladies and Gents, the showstopping Furmint from Gizella Pince.

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