Here we are again, like a very irresponsible advent calendar counting down to Christmas with a natural wine list,vegan wine list, a super value wine list and a sustainable wine list, we’re really getting to the good stuff.

This week it’s a purely fizz Christmas. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

We’ve kept ourselves on a short leash too, and rather than going for anything too quirky this week, we’re giving you the flagships. One Champagne, One Cava and one Prosecco that are absolutely by-the-book, what-they-say-on-the-tin, do-the-business bubblies, because Christmas is about tradition.

–– Although, they won’t be entirely without their quirks… You know us.

Starting with the Champagne, we have our longstanding friend Thierry Triolet, with his signature Brut Carte Noir. After selling the majority of his prized grapes to some of the top Champagne brands, Thierry keeps a portion of the best with him in South Champagne, to make a mere 40,000 of these bad boys. They aren’t to be missed.

Now a Cava, and one we’re sure you know about by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or worse, not opening our HTMLS…

The gamechanging Pinot Noir Brut from 1+1=3. Perhaps a little quirky given the more innovative use of grapes …it’s also vegan, organic and sustainable… but we couldn’t resist. This one will change your perception of Cava forever.

Finally, an extra extra classy, DOCG Valdobbiadene Brut Prosecco. A deliciously refined expression of the apple and pear notes to which our nation has become so accustomed. And just look at that bottle. 

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