After making suggestions for an all-natural and all-vegan wine offering this year, you may be glad to hear that, for our final instalment, we’ll be doing something a bit more realistic.

It is true that for many punters, Christmas is a time of giving (and spending) on everyone but yourself. So that much needed glass after a long day’s shopping can’t always be the most expensive one.

From your perspective too, we imagine you’re about finished with your wine list planning, but you may be thinking a few more to bulk out might well be a good idea. How to do so without sacrificing on overall quality? For all the above, we’ve got you covered. Here are three of the absolute best steals that are flying out of our cellars at the moment.

First up, the champions of affordable luxury, Patritti of McClaren Vale and Blewitt Springs offer their P’ range Chardonnay. This one offers smooth, delicious blend of stone fruits, at which no one could possibly sniff.


Next is a Rosé. We all know that sweeter, affordable Zinfandels are a staple seller at any time of year. Embrace it this Christmas with the 11th Hour White Zin – a safe bet to please the Rosé crowd, but certainly with enough complexity and nuance for you to place it proudly in your fridges.

Finally, for the traditionalists, an elegant red blend from Languedoc, France. This wine offers deep notes of Red and black cherries; and old-world classiness at a more than affordable price.

Such fine wines at affordable prices are not to be overlooked! Especially at Christmas time. So pick up the phone and get in touch before it’s too late!