It’s that time again folks. We imagine the office Crimbo parties are starting to get booked in, and you may be thinking that an early Christmas miracle would go a long way in facilitating all that merriment. Well look no further.

“Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be offering you selections from the very last of our most legendary wines. The wines that built our success as a company, and enhanced our lives along the way. It’s hard for us to depart with these jewels, but Christmas is a time of giving, and you rascals have been so good this year.”

In case you missed them, we’ve already announced two outrageous roundups of these wines, which you can catch up on here and here – and don’t feel as though these wines have to come in any kind of bundle, you can take whatever combination you want, as long as you’re taking more than 36 bottles!

Click on the links to see bottle images and more.

  • We’ll start with the bubblies, and not just any bubbly at that. This Cuvée Clair de Lune from Limoux is a delicious treat now down to £6 ex VAT from £9.48.
  • Next is a Cremant from made by the renowned Alexander Penet – the refreshing Comte de Grimm. Now down to £8 from £12.52.
  • Last for the sparklings is this one from Spain. The ideal Prosecco alternative Reina Frizzante Verdejo. Only £3.50 now from £5.55.
  • Next up is a refreshing and elegant Encosta da Vinha White from Portugal. Some of you may remember its glorious performance at London Wine Fair ’18, where it was applauded by all. £6.35 then, £4 now.
  • A nice accompaniment to the above would be its red equivalent from the same vineyard. The Encosta da Vinha Red, also down to £4 from £6.35.
  • Another delightful pair from Portugal would be the Capoeira duo. Both down to £3.50 from £5.60. Here is the white
  • Ending on some festive reds now to slow things down and see the punters home. Here’s a very classy DOCG Chianti From Torrae Del Sale, at a more than reasonable £4 from £6.73.
  • Finally a crowd-pleasing red from Romania. The ‘Nomad’ Pinot Noir, now at an eye-watering £3.50 ex VAT from £5.96.

So do yourself a favour and get these in before the office party pressure starts to really descend.

Don’t forget to check out our other dealsour full wine listor, if you had some cheeky deals of your own in mind, you can get in touch with our head salesman, Mark here.