Hello again Rascals.
You may well have thought the decision recently to begin our Christmas content was merely a misjudged faux pas, but in fact, we’ll be churning this content out right up to December – trade folks, you’ll thank us one day.

As well as our very special Christmas sale (which you can still check out here), we suggested an all-natural alternative to your Christmas winelist.

Turns out it’s national vegan day at the end of this week too, so whether you’re celebrating that or Christmas, we think you can guess what type of wines we’ll be recommending. Compared to the natural round-up we did last time, vegan wines give us a little more wiggle room in the wine cellars, but certainly restrict us in the kitchen.

There’s no point vegan-ising your wines if you’re not doing the same with your food (and that goes for any time of year). So, we thought we’d accompany your three vegan wines with an alternative vegan Christmas dish too. We really do spoil you lot don’t we.

First up, it’s the gorgeous Winterling Riesling Brut. This wine has had a great year, sweeping a bronze at the SWA awards, so it’s only right that it join us for the festivities. The juicy acidity of this one would be a perfect match for some tangy Christmas pickles, or some salt and cinnamon seasoned kale chips.

Next, a not only vegan but organic and biodynamic Shiraz from New South Wales. This Red from Pig in the House is rich, dense and fruity, just like most things at Christmas! Another award winner too, swooping a gold recently at the 2019 ICC Sydney NSW Wine Awards. Enjoy it with a nice mushroom and sage stuffing, roast veggies and, don’t worry, your spuds are safe too.

Finally, a nightcap by the fire. The warming Cab Franc from Savage Grace of sunny Washington State. Cheese may be off the menu this year, but this wine’s rich berry and rhubarb notes will be a great match for a lightly whipped or rich and creamy vegan chocolate pudding.

If you want to know more about what makes a vegan wine, you can watch our video here.

Or, if you’re not interested, you can let us know, or browse our brochure for all our wines, vegan or otherwise, here.