It’s been a little while since we last spoke, but we’ve been working away in the downtime to perfect our portfolio of wines in time for the big comeback. Allow us to re-jog your memory a little about our USPs, and why we think we’re a match for you.

· Your wine supply is in safe hands: since 2000 we have sold over 15 million bottles from around the world.

· Our success and reputation are built on selecting commercial wines that “sell and stick” which means they work for you.

· We taste as a diverse team – not just one or two people picking their favourites.

· Volume capability does not detract from personal service – tailored to your needs.

Our customers work with us for all of the above reasons, which means you end up with interesting wines, at a fair price that your customers will love.

Late last year, we brought you The World’s Best Red. You can also browse our full selection here.

We can’t tell you how happy we are to see the trade slowly opening its doors again. We can’t wait to join you on the journey back to normality, and, fingers crossed, a wonderful British Summer.

Get in touch now, and we can begin the journey!

Call us on 0800 313 4470 or contact us via our email.

The Wine Rascals