Happy New Year Rascal Family.

Well, it’s safe to say 2020 wasn’t exactly saturated with highlights, but right at the end, the year from hell did throw us a bone. We’re big believers in making the most of positive news in times like this, so here’s ours.

Back in November, our Tbilvino 2018 Saperavi won not just any accolade, but one for the ‘Best Red in the World’ at the IWC 202o wine awards. It doesn’t get much more coveted than that does it – unless there’s a ‘Best Red in the Universe’ award, of which we weren’t made aware.

Click here to read ’10 things you need to know about the IWC’s top red wine’ – straight for the IWC themselves, for more info on our 2018 Saperavi.

Safe to say we’re pretty chuffed with that. Not the first, but the second time we’ve won ‘Best in the World’ for one of our reds – in case you ever needed reminding of our ability to sniff out the best of the best. Why not ask us about our other world-beating wines?

Or check out our 2021 brochure for yourself.

Here’s hoping for many more bits of good news like this for all of us this year. Things can only get better!