Hello again Dear Rascals,

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a campaign focusing on some of our most loved family producers, spanning their relationship with their grapes, their terroir, their viticultural techniques and much more.

After a Big Champagne Special, and a Big Grape Special recently, we’re getting serious and focusing on pure marketability and sales this week. Because at the end of the day, we’d be nowhere without them.

To help give you an idea of which wines would fit well within YOUR niche, here are the three of our showcase selection that have enjoyed a particularly high amount of sales and popularity within certain markets.

Wines that sell like hot cakes, you could say.

Straight from the horse’s mouth we have Daniela of Vignarosa Prosecco on why their ’40’ has achieved a real status of class among the fashion-conscious, luxury crowds of Italy and beyond.

”  Prosecco has become a cultural symbol that identifies  the Italian style together with the our world class fashion brands.

Within that, our Frizzante 40 has become an icon of its own.

Apart from the unmistakable scent of the product, the number on the label plays an important roll. Private customers come to visit us and simply as for ‘The 40’.

The 40 is my favourite range because it shows the best expression of what a prosecco can be. The presence of Chardonnay in small quantities gives a more persistent character to the wine. The sparkling process is also much longer than that required by the specification, in order to create a finer and persistent perlage.   “

Another bubbly now, this time a Rosé Champagne. Not just any old pink bubbly either. This is the number one most popular Champagne in Quebec, Canada.

Think your punters have a Canadian palate? Well they ought to, because Canadians know their wine.

Rest assured this is a top quality Rosé Champers from a sixth-generation family winemaker, for a very handsome price. Give it a go! 

Finally, we have a skin contact wine from Washington State. Skin-contact wines are enjoying a huge boom at the minute, particularly in restaurants given the bolder body they can offer over standards whites, allowing a wider, more exciting range of food accompaniments. This Gewurtztraminer from Savage Grace is no different (aside from being the best of course) – flying out the cellars of Washington and into restaurants around the USA.

If you serve food, be sure to have a glass of this with your head chef. If we can’t convince you, we bet they will.

Here is what Michael Savage had to say:

”    The Oak Ridge Orange Gewurztraminer, from an older Certified Organic vineyard in the Columbia Gorge region, is definitely one of our most popular wines, especially for restaurants. We sold out of it pretty quickly here and it gets out to a number of other markets both inside and outside the US.    “

Hot cakes! Get ’em while they’re… hot.

If you would like to give any of those a try, as always, you can get in touch here.

Or browse our full portfolio here.