It’s that magical time of year when the sun begins to sift through the clouds, birdsong begins to bless our eardrums each morning… and the marketing robots begin their rampage on our email inboxes. That’s right wine family – London Wine Fair is upon us once again.

The event we’ve all been waiting for. A time when happy-go-lucky walkabouts can rub shoulder with wine giants, refined folk can spit more than your average footballer, and London’s widest spectrum of chinos can be observed at one’s leisure.

This year we have decided to remain upstairs, in the sunny heavens at tables Z105 and Z106. There, our two-table selection can be enjoyed at a more relaxed pace and enjoy the maximum benefit of the air conditioning that just about saved our wits last year.

This year, our selection will be organised via 3 main categories.

The first two are some of our most popular Rascalisms, that you should be more than familiar with by now.

The first chunk will be our vegan wines; a category of wine on which we’ve been spending more and more of our energy, since a great response to it at last year’s LWF, plus other events. In case you’re still not sure about what this means to you or the consumer, you can watch our video on it here.

The second group is another Rascalism that has become increasingly popular across the market for the past several years – the best and brightest of our Organic wine selection.

For a quick spot of revision on all of our ‘Rascalisms’ and the stats behind them, be sure to check out the relevant page in our NEW AND IMPROVED BROCHURE – complete with lots of fun new features including interactive tech sheets for each wine.

Last but not least will be an all new categorisation – our ‘Hero’ wines – the wines that refuse to sit in any pigeonhole, and demonstrate their own power and wonder that is unique to any other. A bit like the Avengers, except thankfully none of them are green.

Look out in the coming weeks as we introduce each fabulous wine by category, starting, next week, with our favourite – Vegan!

Until then, it’s ciao for now.