January, known to some as dry January, or coincidentally known to others as the most statistically depressing month of the year, is over. Heads are up, the days are getting longer and 2019 is finally getting underway.

And of course, this applies to the mighty UK service industry more so than anyone: Now is the time that revisions can be made to your wine list – revisions that could make this year your best ever.

Whether you’re a long-time follower of ours, or one of our newer friends, we’ve probably already made you painfully aware of our ability to help make this happen.

So rather than waffle on, we thought we’d give you a short and sweet run through of the wines that we know will rock your world this coming year.


First up is a relatively new addition from our old friends Gardo and Morris of New Zealand, who have recently gained an Organic certification for this zesty beauty. A regular feature in any wine list, this NZ SB stands out from the crowd with cleaner, yet more complex characteristics as a result of its untampered upbringing.


In stark contrast to the aforementioned, this breed of wine is far from commonplace, but perhaps this shouldn’t be the case. There is a fresh and frenzied enthusiasm for Natural Wine in the UK, that has been met with some understandable suspicion among industry veterans. This Pet Nat from Greece demonstrates the potential of its kind, with deliciously clean, fruity notes that have changed the minds of countless naysayers at recent trade tastings.


Finally, a classic from us that you’ve no doubt heard about, if you’ve ever been within 100 cyber-miles of our Twitter feed. Winner of the IWC Malbec of the year in 2017, this single-vineyard, vintage Malbec from Argentina needs no further superlatives from us. All we’ll say is that with Malbec sales continuing to soar, ‘The Best Malbec in the World’ is a bit of a no brainer.


So there you have it. If we’ve still not slaked your thirst, be sure to browse our sales presentation, featuring a run down of even more of our very best wines!

As always you can browse our wine list in its entirety here, and if you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with us any time.

Don’t sleep on it. Make this year your best yet!