If you’re one that keeps your finger on the pulse when it comes to wine trade news and trends, then you’ll no doubt have been hearing about the boom of Greek wine over the past year.

Last Summer we a number of wholesalers and retailers reporting huge growth in Greek sales, and either bolstering their selections, or adding Greek wine for the very first time to their portfolios. After an impressive performance last year (despite being in the throes of the pandemic), the omens would certainly suggest this Summer will be even bigger for Greek wine sales.

With the generally low price point, alongside the quality of one of the richest winemaking heritages in the world, the thirst for Greece should be no surprise to anyone. That’s not all there is to consider either, according to Jo Gilbert, Greece is one of only 6 large EU wine-producing countries that recorded harvests in 2021 that were bigger than the previous year. So in the long-term of wine buying strategy, Greece is a great one to bank on for a fruitful future.

So if you are looking to either bolster your buying relationship with Greece, or make those inroads for the very first time, may we suggest these delicious wines from the increasingly popular Crete region.  All three are made from fundamental indigenous grapes, with the red and white being combined with more well-known varietes, and come in at an unbelievable £6.88 (per mixed 300 bottles), making them a fantastic choice for house or by-the glass this Summer.

First up is the red

A blend of 40% Kotsifali and 60% Syrah, delivering ripe red cherry and spices on the palate along with a good amount of tannin, acidity and a nice long finish.

Next the white,

45% Vilana and 55% Sauvignon Blanc on this one, with very fruity with tropical fruits, apples and pears and another long, refreshing finish.

Last but not least is the Rosé

100% Greek goodness here, made from 50% Kotsifali and 50% Mandilaria. This wine offers a really delicious sour cherry, strawberry and rose petal combo. Full bodied and refreshing, with a long strawberry finish. Stunning.

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