In just a few weeks we’ll be celebrating one of the lesser known wine days – International Cheese and Wine Day on the 25th July.

At Wine Rascal HQ we love a Cheese and Wine do, so we’re elated that such an occasion is marked on the calendar.

Being seasoned hosts, let us give you a quick rundown of our ideal wine offering for such an occasion.

When it comes to cheese and wine, pairing is everything, and in our humble opinion, what any cheese wants most is a bold, fruit-forward accompaniment to match the flavours and break down those proteins. The other key factor is versatility – you want wines with a broad range of profile characteristics between them to compliment a wide range of cheeses – after all, who knows what the guests will be bringing.

So with that in mind, here’s our top recommendation for a top cheese and wine party; 2 summery wines from 11th Hour Cellars in California.

First we have the Zinfandel Red,

With cranberries, plums and juicy blackberries. This well rounded and fruity wine finishes with spice, vanilla and cedar. It’s a versatile all-rounder that would enhance a wide range of cheeses from the crumblier fruit filled Wensleydales to your hard savoury mature cheddars.

Next up is a Chardonnay,

A delicious wash of pineapple, banana and ripe peach make this wine a great match for milder, nuttier cheeses like pecorino and Emmental as well as creamier offerings like brie.

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