Last week, we sent two of our rascals off on an expedition to the IWSC awards at the glorious Guildhall in the historic City of London. Mark and Tony were there to accept the Malbec Trophy for one of our most exciting wines, on behalf of one of our absolute favourite producers.

Viniterra’s 2015 Single Vineyard Malbec was a dead cert to win the Malbec Trophy, making it the Best Malbec in the World. After many tastings, re-tastings and re-re-tastings, there was no doubt in our minds that such an intense yet balanced wine would astound the competition judges —or anyone for that matter. With such a varied, yet balanced offering of flavour, rich in both dark fruits and smoky, chocolatey secondary notes, this is a wine that can be enjoyed by all.

As you may have heard, the secret to the unmistakably rich taste of this wine, and many other from the region, is all to do with the altitude at which their grapes are grown. At an outstanding 1,020 metres above sea level, the intense disparity of long, hot days contested with particularly cold nights has a strenuous effect on the grapes, reducing their growth and therefore concentrating their flavour, as well as toughening their skins for a richer tannin.

It is for this reason that Pip Mortimer, senior tasting manager at IWSC explained,

“there has definitely been a shift towards wineries including specific regional labelling on their bottles in a move to emphasise altitude, as consumer interest and awareness of these exceptional wines increases.”

The secret’s out. It’s a no brainer, then, that these high-flying wines are a must have for any venue or retailer in the New Year, and this Malbec is the pick of the bunch. Browse our portfolio to see this award-winning wine, as well as several other tip top offerings from Viniterra.