After a series of newsletters detailing the rocket-fuelled marketability of ChampagneProseccoRosé, MalbecGrüner Veltliner and Vinho Verde, we’re on to something different: a region.

Now, we’re sure we don’t need to explain why Chardonnay and Riesling are a solid bet – but we want to talk about something even better. How about two longstanding commercial favourites, from one of the best wine producers, in one of the most exciting wine regions around today.

If you’re still not acquainted with all the buzz in Canada, then it’s worth noting that bottle are being snapped up by all of the leading UK retailers at the minute. Just look at Harper’s latest article on Canada’s Cool Climate Sensibility, which interviews many such buyers…

For Ben Franks, CEO of Novel Wines and one of our trade customers quoted in the aforementioned article, Canadian wine has proved a real hit.

“I can definitely find people in Novel Wines’ customer base who are looking for something different, and these wines would get them really excited,” he said.

“As a retailer, there’s some really exciting, commercial potential for [these wines], so it’ll be interesting to see how they develop and also what other kind of varieties we can get as we’re looking for wines that are unique.”

Now on to the wines. First up is the Riesling, and what we deem to be the absolute perfect expression of the grape. Dry and zippy enough so as not to overpower food or upset any sensitive palates, but with enough juicy citrus fruit and floral notes to get anyone’s mouth drooling.

Next up is everything Ben Franks and co were shouting about and more. This vibrant Chardonnay is an exciting and refined expression of Chardonnay that’s absolutely perfect for food. Complete with a fittingly gorgeous, signature Henry of Pelham label much like the Riesling.

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