After some heavy weather recently to say the least, we think it’s fair to say that the first signs of Spring are starting to emerge around the UK, and we couldn’t be happier.

Not least because, for us, this means the perfect time to debut our newest Pet Nat wine from Vinho Verde, fresh off the boat for Spring 2022.

Unlike the wines themselves, it’s clear as day that natural and low-intervention wines are here to stay, and for good reason too. For us, it comes down to two main factors.

First is their versatility, blurring the lines between white, rosé and red for those who would otherwise stick to a particular colour, not to mention what this means for food, accompanying a far wider range of dishes than your traditional selection.

Second is the storytelling aspect. In an era of climate consciousness, health consciousness, and a rising interest in agriculture born in-part out of covid hobby-making, more people want to hear both the technicalities and the romance of the winemaking process. For good reason too – because it really does matter!

It’s the definition of sellability – and what’s more, they’re vegan too.

The Pet Nat is low intervention, traditionally cloudy (unfiltered) and left to do its own thing. A light, zippy, refreshing sparkler with a crown cap. Stunning.

In the words of Casal Ventozela, its maker, this wine has an irreverent, uncontrollable, and spontaneous profile, and its destiny is left to Mother Nature.

Those new to the Pet Nat will rest easy knowing they’re in good hands here – although naturally fermented, the wine is still made from classic grapes, in one of the most established family winemakers of the Vinho Verde region.

Sound pretty good doesn’t it?

For those more seasoned and adventurous, we have this one from the more alternative region of Haloze, Slovenia, made from 100% Welshriesling. Unfiltered, and offering fresh fruit and savoury notes alongside a good refreshing minerality. Perfect with grilled vegetables, chicken or fish.

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