With 2022 well on its way now, we thought it was high time we introduce you to this year’s most exciting newcomer to the Wine Rascal wine cellar – Zavec winery of Slovenia.

”   With winemaking Grandparents on either side, it’s fair to say that viticulture runs in the blood of the Zavec family, who began their own winery back in 1995. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength expanding to four vineyards across the warm, rolling hills of Haloze. With the unique easterly wind and mineral soil of that area, paired with Zavec’s sustainable and partially organic approach, we have some delicious and refined wines you don’t want to miss…   “

Now let us talk you through their offerings.

First up is the always exciting Pet Nat, made from 100% Welshriesling, unfiltered, and offering fresh fruit and savoury notes alongside a good refreshing minerality. Perfect with grilled vegetables, chicken or fish.

Next is the Haloze White; an easy drinking crowd pleaser named after the unique microclimate from which it came. It’s a big blend of grapes that’s fruit forward on the nose with a medium body.

Third, as you may remember from our Valentine’s email last week, is this skin-contact, salmony-orange Pinot Grigio. The tannin of the grape skins, macerated for 48 hours and part-barrique-aged, give it great depth, complexity and versatility with food. It’s a wine with wow-factor for sure.

Last is the Sauvignon Blanc. A fresh and fruity white with a great balance of warmer climate tropical fruits, as well as the refreshing grassy notes one would associate with a European SB.  You can’t go wrong!

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