The 26th of May might not mean much to a lot of people, but at Wine Rascal HQ we are sure to observe the oenophile’s sacred day that is….


There’s nothing in the wine world more deserving of a nameday than the ‘Queen of Grapes’. Happy in any climate, delicious alongside any other grape or food, we owe a lot to Chardonnay, so here is our tribute to her; two of our finest 100%-ers, and two very different expressions of the marvellous grape.

First up is the Californian Eagle Rock ’11th Hour’ Chardonnay,

So named due to its harvesting, fermentation and barrel ageing all being pushed to the very last minute to ensure maximum aroma and complexity.

A delicious wash of pineapple, banana and ripe peach make this Chardonnay a real crowd pleaser amongst its more savoury peers.

Across to the east coast and up towards Niagara, Canada, we have a vibrant and aromatic Chardonnay from 6th generation family winemakers Henry of Pelham.

Theirs is a wonderful cool-climate alternative to the Chardonnay above.  Just as elegant as the chardonnay offerings in NZ/Aus.

Fresh apples and grapefruits on the palate, perfect with fish dishes and creamy pasta.

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