Last week we referenced the promising report from Harper’s to encourage you to stock up on Rosé wine for what looks to be one of its highest performing Summers in history.

As well as Rosé, the very same article makes an even stronger case for Argentinian wine. For wine lovers preferring to stick with red all year round, we’ve got something special in our cellars…

”  Sales of wine from Argentina in UK supermarkets and shops soared 41% in the 12 months to 26 December 2020 compared to the year before, according to the newly released report.

Moreover, Brits bought over 50 million bottles last year compared to five years ago in 2016 when just under seven million bottles of Argentinian wine were sold in the UK.   “

So the numbers tell us that any Argentinian wine will fly out this year… but we’re not offering any old Argentinian wine. Here we have some of the finest Malbecs in the world (with the medals to prove it).

First up is The Viniterra Single Vineyard Malbec which has previously been awarded the accolade of IWSC Best Malbec in the world.

This wine has an exceptional depth and complexity to it which, contributing to an outstanding taste, and great versatility alongside meat, cheese and vegetable dishes.

We also have 2020’s world best red, in case you missed that – check it out here!

Next up we have the Terra Malbec – all the same world-beating winemaking, but at a very affordable price, making it a fantastic option for your house, or by-the-glass red.

Being slightly younger than the wine above, this wine offers more fresh red berry notes, but not without its coffee and spice either.

Sat between the two in terms of price and age, we have the Viniterra Malbec. This Malbec offers a slightly more restrained and elegant flavour which is perfect for those who like a lighter red. Extra helpings of vanilla, violet and nuts give it an extra edge among your standard reds.


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