At long last, September has come and we welcome the seasons’ change. After a long hot summer, we’re ready to wind down to Autumn. For many folks partial to walks in a warm, wooly jumper, surrounded by the rich, vibrant yellows, oranges and reds among the trees, this is best season of the year.  To those folks we raise a glass of wine that makes the perfect accompaniment to such sentiments.

The ’11th Hour’ Pinot Noir, so named due to its grapes being picked right at the last possible minute (which, funnily enough, would be right about now) to ensure maximum enrichment.

Despite all that hard labour, this wine comes at a very agreeable price point which, alongside its screw cap, makes it a lovely choice for by the glass, by the fire – by the bye!

Flavour-wise, it delivers on what anyone would want from a Californian PN; juicy raspberry and black cherry notes with silky smooth tannins and a nice finish. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of our best sellers.

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