Just as our Christmas giveaway lists wrapped up its final bundle last week, we’re wrapping up our alternative wine lists with… an alternative list…we’re using the term more literally this time though, as we’ll propose some direct alternatives to your absolute faves.

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We kept ourselves on a short leash last time with pure fizz, but now we’re back in full throttle Rascal mode.

As usual, we’ll start with a bubbly. But not what you’re thinking. For a suitable alternative to Champagne or Cava, but especially the nation’s favourite (being seccy), we’d recommend dipping your toes into the world of sparkling Riesling (Or Riesling in general for that matter!) There’s no better place to start than with this award winner from Winterling.

Next up is a really special alternative to some of the more fruity whites and rosés. This is a very on-trend skin contact wine from Washington State, USA, that offers a rich mix of tropical fruits and warm spices. This wine has fantastic versatility with food accompaniment.

Finally, a red unlike any other. Think of it as an alternative to Pinot Noir. The deeply sweet and sour cherry and berry notes in this Baco Noir from Henry of Pelham, Canada, are just that bit deeper and toastier –in this writer’s opinion at least. You can also read more about the mysterious Grape here

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